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Highly skilled team building software for our tech partners

What We Do

Delivery of

Custom Web & Mobile Applications, Portals, E-Commerce, APIs and Software Testing/QA


HTML 5, Javascript, CSS 3, PHP 5, Java, JSON, C#, Haskell, Ruby, SQL and some others


Bootstrap, PhoneGap, Angular, Ionic, Spring, Yii, Alfresco, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, NodeJS


MVC, Responsive Design, RESTful APIs, Ajax, Hybrid Apps, Load Balancing, Cloud Services


Linux, Nginx, Apache, Tomcat, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Amazon AWS

Best Practices

We work under Agile methods with source control repositories and project tracking tools

Our nearshore model delivers
services using your same

Ideal option for customers or partners that provide the complete set of requirements, so we can estimate and execute the complete project development: Plan, Design, Code, Test and Deploy. We set the price for the full project.

Request Project

This delivery model is great when providing maintenance and continuous improvement to software that is already built, where you only need a package of hours each week or month. We set the price based on the purchased hour package.

Request Maintenance

This is the perfect fit when the customer or partner wants to assume the control of the project's resources and extend their human talent with our nearshore outsourcing model. We set the price based on the amount of months required.

Request Resources

How We Work


We practice Agile methods that help to reach the project goals within its constraints and expectations


Our team commits to source control repositories and deploys to Integration environments for testing purposes


The project's activities are defined as concret tasks managed by our project collaboration and issue tracking tools


We focus on sharing a common project vision to ease team communication around project goals and expectation


Our QA engineers will perform functional, technical and user experience tests according to specification & common sense


All fridays we celebrate our "Tech Talks": Short meetings to share technical knowledge and research across all engineers

Our Proposal

Help customers and technology partners to deliver affordable software applications through our professional team at Costa Rica: The Green, Peaceful and Smart country. We aim to build quality and durable professional relationships with flexible business models.

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How to Contact Us

Cartago, Costa Rica
+506 4001 6259 Ext 11

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Our country is just 3 hours from United States, so it's easy for both parties to sign a deal or arrange a kickstart meeting.

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